Indianapolis Hardscaping Design

Hardscaping encompasses all the non-living aspects of your landscaping such as driveways, walkways, patios, terraces, steps, gazebos, pergolas, fencing, and retaining walls. All hardscape design elements add dimension, functionality, and are visually appealing. As an anchor to plantings, a hardscaping installation will always increase the value of your property and curb appeal.

Happy Tree & Landscaping LLC can help you with all your hardscaping needs, from choosing the best materials, to design, installation and maintenance.

Hardscape Installation in Indianapolis

Hardscape Installation in Indianapolis

The variety of hardscaping materials includes paving bricks, concrete pavers, bluestone, cobblestone, granite, stepping stones, and wood.

Happy Tree & Landscaping LLC will work with any material and our installers are professionals with years of experience. Contact us today and get a free estimate! (317) 428-7272.

Hardscaping Services

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